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I’ll admit, I love YouTube. I’m not the type of person to go trolling through page after page of videos in search of really funny or really awesome ones, but if someone else tells me about one particularly good one or shows it to me, I’m all for it. One of the big areas of YouTube is the vlog, or video blog. These are videos made by a person or a group of people on a regular basis and uploaded to their channel for their followers to enjoy. Some of them are more serious, while the ones that I am most familiar with are designed to be entertaining.

A few of the vlogs that I am familiar with are Glozell, Charlie McDonnell, and the Shaytards (which my roommate introduced me to.) Glozell’s most popular and well-known videos are the ones where she reads the lyrics of popular songs and critiques them. One of the most recent ones was a reading of Adele’s “Someone Like You,” where she informed the singer that the object of her affection was scared because the singer was clearly stalking him (“It’s the days of the Googleses”). Charlie McDonnell is a British boy who makes videos about whatever strikes his fancy, usually something interesting or entertaining. One of the ones I watched recently was “How to Speak English,” where he quizzed his American friend on the meanings of British slang terms. The Shaytards (not their real last name…I think it’s just “Shay”) are an American family of six who make videos about their day to day life. It sounds boring, but the father is pretty funny and the kids are adorable, so it makes for some entertaining watching.

Today I decided to check out John and Hank Green’s video blog, since I’ve heard a lot about them and wanted to find out more. John and Hank are two adult brothers who initially started making videos as means of communicating with each other and then continued on after their project grew in popularity. Their fans are known as “Nerdfighters.” I enjoyed watching their videos, and am thinking of reading some of John’s books, since he is also a writer.

Sorry this is a little long! But the main point of all this is that video blogging, when it’s done well, can be lots of fun to watch.

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