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Corporate Blogging, Part Two

So even after those excellent tips for maintaining a good blog, it turns out that corporate blogging isn’t on the rise anymore. According to a study from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, only 37% of the 170 Inc 500 companies interviewed by the researchers had a corporate blog. Most of these businesses had instead opted to use Facebook and LinkedIn, and said that they believed that social media was an important aspect of a business plan. However, keeping up with the blog requires time and dedication, and most of these businesses did not have the human resources to set aside a specific social media team.

In his article entitled “SEO Implications of Reduced Corporate Blogging,” Scott Clark says that he still recommends blogging to his clients as a means of “link building…the corporate blog gives you the vehicle to post content that you can then refer to inside of social networks, especially other high authority blogs, and acquire links which can boost your ranking” when a client searches for keywords that can bring them to your website. Even if the trend of corporate blogging has reached its peak and may not be as big as before, it is by no means something to discard. Your blog can provide the “meat” of your posts on Facebook and Twitter, and also provide them with more information if they have developed an interest in your business from Facebook and Twitter.

So, to sum up: Don’t give up on a corporate blog. Other people may have, which leaves you with more opportunity to get some traffic if your blog is  high quality.

Sources: http://www.readwriteweb.com/enterprise/2012/01/blogging-declines-across-the-i.phphttp://www.buzzmaven.com/2012/01/seo-implications-of-reduced-corporate-blogging.htmlhttp://www.mediaemerging.com/2012/02/09/corporate-blogging-on-the-decline-dont-read-too-much-into-it/


One comment on “Corporate Blogging, Part Two

  1. Ryan Hoody
    April 16, 2012

    Great post on corporate blogging. It seems like our business model, built on the streamlining process, would naturally do away with corporate blogs in favor a single solution. Unfortunately, the giants of the industry right now haven’t come up with one, and the single solution won’t come into existence until everyone excepts it as the solution. Do you think facebook could fill this role?



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